When will my order ship?

We ship orders the same day if received before 2:00 PM. If in the Houston area you may pick up your order at the warehouse one hour after order placement.

Can I get Credit Terms for Purchases?

Credit Accounts may be available for customers with a high order frequency, these generally include OEM and Dealer accounts. Please feel free to call and request a Credit Application be sent to you if you wish to explore this.

What do I need to do to file a Warranty Claim?

Should the unexpected happen, contact Customer Support and instructions will be provided detailing information required to file a claim with the part manufacturer. Rubber Supply Company does not offer any warranty, expressed or implied, but the manufacturers of the various products do offer varying forms of limited warranty protection. No warranty covers any cost other than that of the product itself. Each manufacturer we represent has its’ own policy and procedures which we will assist you with.

What do the sizes of track mean?

The first number is the width of the track in millimeters. This is followed by the pitch of the track, again in millimeters and the last number is the number of pitches or length of the track. 300×52.5×80 = 300 MM wide, 52.5 MM pitch, 80 pitch segments (metal inserts) to complete the track.

Why can more than one size of track fit my machine?

Different pitches will compensate for the number of links required to create the track to fit your model.